Conner's Story

Conner (7) was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in November 2017.

Conner’s mother explained that he was complaining of knee pain and was having difficulty walking. He went for an MRI that revealed a tumor on his sacrum – wrapped within nerves and involving his spine. Due to the vicinity of the tumor, they were unable to remove it surgically.

He was put on a 9-month chemotherapy protocol while also enduring 25 radiation treatments. His white blood cell count was so low that he was not able to go to school or out in public, because his body was unable to fight infection. He required 24-hr care, and his single-mother also had 3 other children to care for, forcing her to leave her job.

How We Helped

Angels of Hope helped the family with their rent, utilities, gas, and car payment for 4 months.

If you or a family you know needs help with their battle against cancer, angels of hope is here.