A NIGHT OF HOPE 03.18.2023

Palazzo Grande, Shelby Township, MI

Join us for our largest fundraising event of the year and help us raise funds for our Michigan families in need. 

About Our Programs


Angels of Hope provides tailored grant packages to Michigan families in need, including rent, mortgage, car and utility payments - all paid directly to creditors.

angel volunteER NETWORK

We pride ourselves on being 100% volunteer, with an active team of supporters who lend a helping hand for our various committees, programs and events.

Holiday Program

This program is completely funded by our generous sponsors. Packages are provided to families in-need, to help provide some normalcy during the holiday season.

day off from cancer

Thanks to generous support from our sponsors, we often provide tickets to our families to special experiences (e.g. concerts, the theater, sporting events and more.

Some of Our Families



Carter (2) was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in March 2017.  He receives chemotherapy and radiation. Carter’s father continued to work but has missed multiple days to attend treatment with his son.  



Alex (10) was diagnosed with grade 4 medulloblastoma in May 2017. Prior to his diagnosis, Alex had been complaining of headaches and would sometimes complain of double vision.  



Maria (40) was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroendocrine carcinoma of the lung in June 2018. The cancer has metastasized to her brain. She is currently receiving chemotherapy and radiation.   



Jozlyn (34) was diagnosed with cervical cancer in May 2018.  She completed multiple rounds of chemotherapy and internal radiation. Jozlyn in a single mother of three girls ages 14, 8 and 1.  


Established in 2004, Angels of Hope has been assisting families across Michigan for 16 years.


Awarded to Michigan Families

In the last six years, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and the effectiveness of our fundraising efforts, we have awarded over $5 million to Michigan families affected by cancer.

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Our Top Priorities


Angels of Hope is always in search of additional fundraising from individuals and corporate sponsors. Any little bit helps us provide assistance for Michigan families battling cancer.

We are also looking to expand our team of dedicated volunteers, so we can expand our reach and influence further. 



Monetary support is critical to the Angels of Hope Mission


We can’t help families without our courageous volunteers.

Our Partners & Sponsors

Upcoming Events



A Night of Hope

Join us in 2023 at the Palazzo Grande in Shelby Township, MI for our fundraising event of the year as we raise funds for our Michigan families in need.



Golf for Hope

Join us in 2023 for a golf outing at Boulder Pointe Golf Club in Oxford, MI for a fundraising event as we raise funds for our Michigan families in need.