Alex's Story

Alex (10) was diagnosed with grade 4 medulloblastoma in May 2017.

Prior to his diagnosis, Alex had been complaining of headaches and would sometimes complain of double vision. He was an avid baseball player, so his parents chalked it up dehydration and thought it could possibly be migraines. They didn’t realize it was a more serious issue until Alex struck out at bat and burst into tears, telling his mom that he didn’t know which ball to swing at. His parents immediately took him to the ER where a CT scan was performed, and a brain tumor discovered. From baseball to brain surgery in 48 hours. 

Since the surgery, Alex underwent 6 weeks of radiation (M-F) and 8 rounds of chemotherapy. In between treatments, he had twice weekly blood draws and platelet transfusions. 

How We Helped

Alex and his family live 2 hours from his hospital, so Angels of Hope assisted his family with gas cards in addition to groceries, rent and utility payments during his battle.

If you or a family you know needs help with their battle against cancer, angels of hope is here.