Zareion (5) was diagnosed with stage IV Wilm’s tumor in January 2018.

Zareion’s mother explained that she took him to the ER for what she thought was constipation, as his stomach was hurting and was swollen. In reality, his kidney had ruptured due to a tumor within it. The next day, he was scheduled for a 3-hr surgery that turned into a 9.5-hr surgery. Additional masses were discovered on his lungs and his diagnosis confirmed. He, then, received radiation to his kidney and lungs. Following radiation, he began receiving chemotherapy 8 days a month. 

 Zareion’s mother is a single-parent to 5 other children, including one with special needs, who was doing everything she could to make ends meet prior to Zareion’s diagnosis. Angels of Hope helped to ensure she could be by Zareion’s side during his battle by paying rent, utilities and car insurance for 4 months.